Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspiration Monday: Melissa

You've seen all my posts & tweets about my FLYfam, you know that Flywheel is more than a workout to me, it's a community, it's where I've made a lot of friends. Melissa is one of them.
That's Melissa on the right. Nicole is in the middle, stay tuned
for a post on her too!
Melissa & I got to know each other on twitter before ever meeting at Flywheel. I admired her from afar, impressed with her level of fitness & her high scores on the leaderboard. I thought she was a teacher because "k12" is in her torq name & I used that as a real life conversation opener, only to discover she's actually a super legit non-profit arts executive.

Then suddenly, we became friends. And I discovered that Melissa is so much more than a Flywheel badass: she's actually a soft spoken, intelligent woman, & one of the kindest people I know. Melissa is not what you might expect from the top of the leaderboard: she's gentle & not at all competitive. Never have I once felt judged by Melissa, even when I score 100 points lower than her! Simply stated, Melissa is good people.

I'm inspired by Melissa to work hard on the bike, to continue to practice kindness to others off the bike, & to have brunch with her as often as possible.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day Zero: Museums

OK, so one of the items on my new Day Zero List is to go to ALL of the museums in Philadelphia. I've been to many of them, but that was a long, long time ago when my grandparents were still alive and living in Chestnut Hill.

Since I moved back, I've been to Penn Museum of Archeology & Anthropology, The Franklin Institute, and The Constitution Center. I found this list; anything missing from it that I should include?

Who wants to come with me? Pick a museum & let's go!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today, I'm thankful for:

  • years & years of therapy
  • yoga teacher trainings
  • my amazing friends
  • journaling
  • making vision boards
  • my love of reading
  • my love of learning
  • letting go of judgement
  • most of my family
  • (& the rest of my family)
  • tumblr
  • the terrible men I've dated
  • body positivity
  • endorphins
  • eastern philosophy
  • western philosphy
  • living alone
  • self-acceptance
  • my ability to communicate
  • metacognition
Because I think I'm really good at working on & dealing with my shit. And I think it's because of all of the above & more. I like what I stand for, I like what I do, I like who I am. And that's pretty fucking rad. I'm thankful.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Inspiration Monday: Nikki

As promised, a new series starts today: Inspiration Monday, where I share special people in my life who inspire me to be any & every way! I'm starting with someone extra special, who has gotten a mention on most of my Thankful Thursday posts. Yes, I'm talking about my superhero of a sister-in-law, Nikki.
Nikki & me at a wedding last summer
I could go on & on about what a great mom she is to my love-of-my-life nephews & what a great wife she is to my very silly brother, but she is so much more than a mom & a wife. Nikki is smart, kind, compassionate, generous, & beautiful both inside & out. She is totally on top of everything: Nikki gets shit done. We can laugh about anything, but more importantly, I can also confide in her about anything. Not only is she my sister-in-law, but she's become a really good friend, truly, one of the best.
Nikki & me at my 80s themed birthday party
The #1 most important thing about Nikki, though, & the reason she is the first person to appear on Inspiration Monday, is that she has really taught me to let go of judgement. I can be a really judgey bitch, & Nikki, without even really trying, has shown me how much happier & more peaceful life can be with more patience & kindness & without being so easily triggered by what really is nothing more than silly nonsense (of course, it seems like I'm judging myself right now, but it's more like I'm laughing at myself).

I've known Nikki for many years (we grew up in the same school district & all the Jews in Harrisburg pretty much know each other), but in the past little-over-a-year, living around the corner & getting to know her as grown-ups, she has changed my life for the much, much better. Thank you, Nikki, for helping me to be a better person. <3

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Apparently, it's International Happiness Day. Most of the time, I say to myself, "Oh, ok, thanks internet, it's another stupid made-up day," but I dig this one (except that I'm pretty happy every day). Maybe it's because it's on the Spring Equinox (coincidence? I think not). So what if it's supposed to snow next week, we've got a 60 degree day coming on Saturday! For all of these things, I am thankful.

I'm only 5 days into #100HappyDays, but I'm already super thankful that I started it. Like I said above, in general, I'm a pretty happy person, but this is a really nice way to be more conscious of the things that make me happy, & therefore, find even more happiness. And who doesn't want that?

On a related note, I'm 2 days away from finishing the Day Zero List I began on 25 June 2011 (& 3 days away from starting my next list). I'm so freaking proud of myself for completing every single thing on that list. From the little things ("go 1 day without swearing") to the new positive habits I've developed ("floss every day")...from the really big things ("move to Philly before 2013") to the vegan fashionista things ("invest in a Vaute Couture coat")...I have followed through with so much in the past almost-3 years & I'm so excited about what the next almost-3 has in store for me. I have some travel & financial goals, a lot of Philly goals, & even some blog goals (get ready for Inspiration Monday to start in 4 days). Yep, not only am I proud of myself, but I'm also super thankful that I have the abilities & motivation to really make things happen.

As always, I'm so thankful for my friends & family. The people in my life are really what it's all about. I had a moment last night where I was almost in tears because of how much I love my friends. Life is good, so good, because of the people around me. For that I am forever thankful.

What about you, my friendly readers? What & who are you thankful for today, & everyday? Share in the comments or tweet @ me! And have a beautiful & thankful day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 1 of limiting my social media

OK, so today wasn't too hard, & the reward made it all worth it: I finished grading earlier than I usually do & I finished my calls earlier than I usually do. Like hours earlier. I was able to make it to the 5:30 yoga class, so great! I did glance at twitter & facebook a couple times, but not mindlessly, only on breaks when I was between tasks, which I think is positive.

There was one problem, however. I traded one addiction for another. Today might have been a binge eating day. I had:
  • granola + fruit + coconut yogurt
  • bagel w/ vegan lox & cream cheese
  • leftover stir fry
  • another bagel w/ vegan lox & cream cheese
  • popcorn
  • sushi & edamame & dumplings
  • another bagel w/ cream cheese
Part of the problem may very well be the fact that I have bagels in the house. Also, that last bagel is toasting right now. I'm getting ready to eat it as I write. At least I'm fully conscious of my problem.

Nevertheless, now that I've gotten through one day, I'm really excited about pursuing this for the week, & maybe I'll even maintain it & develop a new good habit.

I'm also participating in #100HappyDays. Check out the link, it's a really cool, really positive idea. I added it to my new Day Zero List & I'm on day 2, you can find my pics on twitter.

Oh & I'm eating the bagel right now. It's delicious.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day Zero Project & Social Media

The Day Zero Project is this really cool website where you can make a to do list of 101 things you want to do, big or small, anything at all, & it gives you a timeline of 1001 days in which to complete said list.

I began my list on June 25, 2011 & it ends March 22, 2014. Saturday. I have 2 things left to do on my list. Write my next Day Zero List. And stay off of social media during my work day for 1 week.

Stay off of social media during my work day for 1 week.

I'm the one who put it on the list. And I'm the one who is owning it publicly on the blog & twitter. Call me out if you see me.

And when I get back from this self-imposed social media holiday, I have a few new ideas for the blog. Maybe I'll even follow through with them. They are on the Day Zero List, after all.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On Friends & Family & Flywheel

So many people have asked me, especially after this horrendous winter, if I regret leaving the warm sandy beaches of South Florida.

The answer is no. I mean HELL NO. No regrets whatsoever. Because honestly, the only thing Miami Beach has better than Philly is the weather. And even that is relative, because winter clothes are fun!

I could go on & on about the (vegan) food in Philly & the dive bars & the museums & the history & the culture. All of those things are great, but the number one thing that I love about Philly is the people in my life.

The friends I have here, my family included, are what makes my life so great. Yes, I had friends in Miami, some I still really connect with, but for the most part, at best, the friendships were shallow...perhaps fair weather friends just come with the fair weather...& at worst, the friendships only existed if said "friend" needed something. But not in Philly!

And wouldn't you know it, Flywheel is, of course, an important part of my Philly friendships (I didn't just include them in the title for the alliteration!). Not only do I fly WITH my friends & family, but the FLY peeps have become my friends, as well. I've really surrounded myself with positive, uplifting people since I've moved to Philly, & the FLYfam is no exception.
That's why I'm so excited about Flywheel's new community class being offered on Wednesdays in both Bryn Mawr AND Center City. Anyone who's been hesitating, now is the time to check it out. More Flywheel for more people = more uplifted positive people! Let's do this!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What if?

I'm watching The Walking Dead. It made me realize something. I would totally not survive the zombie apocalypse. Or the environmental apocalypse. Or pretty much any apocalypse. I'm no Buffy Summers (wrong show, wrong universe, don't care).

See, here's the thing. There was actually a part of me that was living in constant fear of these hypothetical apocalypse scenarios, this crazy ongoing whatif-whatif-whatif in my head that was not living in the present.

Maybe it's because I read a lot of (too many?) dystopias. Maybe it's because as a triple Virgo, it's my natural inclination to worry. Maybe it's the fact that one of my BFFs is a conspiracy theorist. Whatever the case may be, this shit literally has kept me up at night. I wish I was kidding.

With this big realization came an acceptance of my fate. I don't know why, but this realization that I got from watching a television show (a damn good television show) feels really profound to me. Because with this new acceptance also comes this amazing blissful peace. Knowing that I will be among the first of the apocalyptic deaths has made me stop worrying about if I should be making disaster plans or gathering hypothetical supplies, or etc, etc, etc.

It feels good to let go of an irrational fear. Thank you, The Walking Dead. I am totally OK with my lack of survival skills. Bring on the hypothetical someday apocalypse. I'm busy enjoying the now.