Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Squeee Heard Round the World

A small group of us Phabulous Philly Vegan Ladies started calling ourselves the Vegan Girl Mafia back in April at the Philly Veg Dining Guide Release Party. Totally adorable & totally silly, our numbers grew until last night, when we collectively descended upon Miss Rachel's Pantry for an amazing meal & a girl's night out of epic proportions.
as goofy as we are beautiful, the vegan ladies of Philadelphia
We called last night's dinner a tweet-up, so after much squeeeing over meeting in real life for the first time, naturally, we proceeded to clog everyone's twitter & instagram feeds with all the deliciousness. All of this awesome even inspired me to blog again, so here I am after months' hiatus.
Miss Rachel's Swoontastic Menu
1st course: Savory Tofu Scramble Enchilada
2nd course: chilled cucumber bisque
3rd course: creamy elbow mac + smoked seitan roast + caramelized kale
OR seared maitakes + whipped coconut milk & horseradish potatoes
(BOTH because sharing is caring)
4th course: flourless chocolate peanut butter cake
Shout outs to Pam for having the idea to get us all together, Kiera for organizing it, Miss Rachel for her delicious food & gorgeous space, & Erin, Meagan, Lia, Rachel, Takia, Alli, Melissa, & Joy for their awesome company last night. And one more shout out to Amandah who was with us in spirit & happily eating her to go treats today.

I've got so much love for the women I shared that meal with & so much love for the women who prepared said meal & I hope that this was just the first of many Vegan Girl Mafia GNOs