Monday, November 24, 2014

A Non-Runner at The Philadelphia Marathon

Do you know how I feel about running? Are you one of the people who've heard my stupid story from when I tried to be a runner about five years ago? Long story short: I'm a hater of running. But yesterday, I cheered on the Philadelphia Marathon. 

I have no idea where my enthusiasm came from when I arrived at the City Fit Girls Official Cheer Zone at Mile One, but I started cheering at 7am & I didn't stop until the last runner had passed us.
City Fit Girls!
Mile One--here they come!
Mile One
But wait, there's more! Cheering at Mile One wasn't enough for us, so we walked on over to Mile 12 & cheered for almost two more hours! 
Mile 12
Clearly, I had a lot of fun making my sign (google "dirty marathon signs"--it was a tough choice!), but when I decided to start reading people's names on their bibs & personalizing my cheering, that's when the fun really began. I just thought, if I was running (hahaha, yeah right), I'd love to be called out by name. It motivates me in group fitness classes, it would motivate me in a marathon, too. 

I won't be out there training for a marathon soon or anything (or ever), but I loved the feeling of being part of something greater, something that attracts people from all walks of life, something that builds community. 

As I said loudly & repeatedly yesterday, I think you marathon runners are pretty crazy, but I respect the hell out of all of you & I'm proud to cheer you on. See you next year!